Broker Food: Our History in the World of Italian Food

Since 2009, Broker Food has been a cornerstone in the agri-food sector, serving as a renowned representative agency for the distribution of Italian brands. We operate mainly in Campania, and with 15 years of experience behind us, we have become a point of reference in the food scene.


Our Mission

Our commitment is to carry forward the Italian culinary tradition and culture around the world. Based in the northern area of ​​Naples, in Casoria, we are at the center of an area rich in history and authentic flavors.

Our Passion for Italian Food

We are more than just a distribution agency. We are living witnesses of the richness of Italian traditions that make Italian food the most sought after in the world. Every day we strive to enhance the origins and peculiarities of the best Italian agri-food products.

Our Selection

We carefully select agri-food products, working exclusively with the best companies that share our values ​​of quality, craftsmanship and tradition. Every product we distribute has been carefully chosen to ensure an authentic and satisfying experience.

Join us on our journey through the world of Italian food. Discover the quality, passion and tradition that only Broker Food can offer.