The company is a point of reference for the distribution of prodotti 100% Made In Italy in the large-scale retail trade sector, both nationally and internationally.

Our main activities are: assumption of tasks and mandates within the food representation business; mediation, sponsorship, business procurement and other commercial operations related to the "Food" world. 

Normal Trade, large-scale retail trade, traditional wholesale and trading are our main channels of interest.

Our selection

Furthermore, the company is constantly committed to one selezione meticolosa e attenta dei prodotti tipici dei settori merceologici in cui opera.

  • Fresh whole meats processed in vacuum and ATM
  • Pasta made from semolina, durum wheat, and in special shapes
  • Legumes and Wheat
  • Rice and Risotto
  • Seasoned cured meats, raw and cooked, and sausages
  • Fresh matured D.O.P. buffalo cheeses
  • Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano
  • D.O.P. buffalo mozzarella bell
  • Olives and capers
  • Tomato preserves, peeled tomatoes, purees, and cherry tomatoes
  • Whole poultry sectioned in ATM
  • Dried porcini mushrooms
  • Neapolitan cracklings and lard